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Plumeria alba – 1.3 height – White flower



1,920 EGP
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Indian jasmine plant or plumeria
Its cultivation is widespread in the tropics and is known by several names, including: sedition – Indian jasmine – temple tree – tree of life. Half-deciduous trees grow up to seven meters in length and bloom during summer or autumn. Reddish has a beautiful aromatic smell and has economic importance, as some medicinal compounds, perfumes and foods are made from it for some peoples and multiply by peripheral cuttings.


Plumeria needs to be watered once every two weeks if it is grown in a dry climate.


The best fertilizer for plumeria trees is one that is high in phosphorus, at a ratio of 10-30-10. Granular fertilizer is preferred over liquid. Fertilize your plumeria every three months, starting in April and ending in August if you live in a frosty area.


Direct sun needs 5 hours or more per day for good flowering.


18 – 27°C.