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Euphorbia milii

Pot Size




36 EGP60 EGP

features :

A short ornamental plant that does not allow a long cut
The green leaves and flowers take on a red color, which is famous for its white, pink and yellow color, and the stem is full of thorns, which reach 3 cm. A poisonous milky liquid comes out of the stem, which must be paid attention to.

Irrigation :

Watering once a week and when the soil is dry
Completely and avoid dumping the plant so that the soil does not occur

Composting :

Fertilization once every 8 weeks during spring and summer, low fertilizer
Nitrogen is a tablespoon of one gallon of water by 5-10-10, then water the cactus well

Lighting :

Direct sun or partial shadow

Heat :

10 – 32°C