We came a long Journey.

The love of gardening is a seed once sown that never dies, but never grows to the enduring happiness that the love of gardening gives.

Our Story

First established in 2002 to sell plants and products to customers of our Landscape Division, the Garden hub was expanded in 2018 to showcase a wider range of shrubs, seasonals, and large trees & plants. today we can proudly say that garden hub is a brand by itself.

Garden Hub boasts of a wide range of garden accessories, seeds, water features, sun loungers, chemicals & fertilizers, barbecues, hard landscaping products & so on & so forth.

We also feature classy garden furniture, home accessories, lamp shades, etc, sourced from all around the world, to enhance indoor living.

We create opportunities for kids to learn & grow thru gardening, which in turn creates environmental awareness. Throughout the year we organize planting & carpentry workshops for kids & create a fun learning experience for them.

You can get all your order 24 hours a day through our website.
and we are honored to deliver all your orders above 900 pounds for free to your home.
We are honored to receive all your inquiries around the clock by phone, email, and social media


Our Mission

Garden Hub is committed to providing its customers with the knowledge, resources, and products they need to create beautiful and healthy gardens. They also strive to educate the public about the importance of gardening and its many benefits.


Our Vision

“We bring ideas to life, positively impacting people”

Our Team

Dr. Eslam Alyan

General Manager

Mrs. Randa Alashmawy

Internal Auditor

Arch. Aya Mostafa

Technical office engineer

Mr. Mohamed Mansour