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Irrigation Equipment are all below ground, surface and above ground irrigation equipment at the Property, including water well structures, pumps, pipelines, risers, casings, below and above ground pipes and culverts, motors, overhead irrigation equipment, pivot irrigation equipment, drip irrigation equipment, accessories and all related power and control units and systems.
All the Irrigation Equipment shall be a part of the Improvements to be conveyed to Purchaser .Irrigation system installations consist of various pipes, fittings, valves and other equipment depending on the kind of system and the type of installation.
Most installations have the same structure, and a relatively small range of equipment can meet the requirements and all you need.
Irrigation equipment can be divided into:
• pipes.
• pipe connector fittings.
• flow control devices.
• filters.
• fertigation equipment.
• water emitters.
• automation equipment.
• operation equipment.
• water-lifting devices.
Irrigation Equipment including all accessions, parts, additions, replacements and substitutions there to divert, deliver, control, apply, irrigate, or drain water.