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Electric Valve icv

4,050 EGP5,845 EGP
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The commercial grade ICV is designed to work seamlessly with the most demanding systems. It has a range of reliable features such as a fabric reinforced EPDM membrane and seat, and flow control. It can operate continuously up to 220 psi and will continue to operate in challenging conditions such as high speeds, fluctuating flow rates, and difficult water conditions. In addition to unparalleled reliability, the ICV is exceptionally easy to maintain. Hood clips can be loosened and tightened using a variety of common contractor’s tools. The Filter Sentry option is also available for applications involving dirty water. The filter sergeant system keeps the valve clear of debris found in reclaimed water or ponds. For ultimate reliability in high pressure situations, the ICV is clearly the ultimate choice for professionals. Main benefits
Optional Filter Guard clears the filter screen in dirty water conditions
External/internal manual bleed allows for quick and easy valve activation
Glass-filled nylon construction provides a high pressure rating and reliability
The double diaphragm seal design ensures leak-free performance
The reinforced EPDM diaphragm and seat ensure better performance in all water conditions
Restrictive hood bolts eliminate the possibility of losing parts during disassembly
The 3-tool hood screws are compatible with standard or Phillips screwdrivers as well as a nut driver
A captive-piston encapsulated solenoid used in every Hunter valve provides trouble-free service
Flow control increases efficiency and extends system life


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