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Electricity Valve

770 EGP2,995 EGP
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This tough, hard-working valve offers the best features of top-of-the-line Hunter valves. Built with enough durability to handle the rigors of most residential and light commercial sites, PGV is available in a range of configurations. For smaller landscaping applications, the PGV is available in four 1-inch body configurations: angle, globe, male x male, or male x barb design. In turn, each model is available in either a flow control or a flow control version. For larger landscape applications, the PGV comes in both 1-1/2″ and 2″ globe/corner models (with flow control). All models feature high-quality rugged construction and a durable diaphragm with backing to prevent stress failure. Main benefits
External/internal manual bleed allows for quick and easy valve activation
The double diaphragm seal design ensures leak-free performance
Restrictive hood bolts eliminate the possibility of losing parts during disassembly
The 3-tool hood screws are compatible with standard or Phillips screwdrivers as well as a nut driver
Each valve is available in a ball or angle configuration for convenient placement
A captive-piston encapsulated solenoid used in every Hunter valve provides trouble-free service
Flow control increases efficiency and extends system life


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