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The peace lily plant, the white ray plant, or the SPATHIPHYLLUM plant, is native to South America. The plant is characterized by its large dark green leaves and beautiful white flowers. The plant grows in the rainforest under the trees. Its flowers last for weeks, and maybe months; And one of its most important features is that NASA included it among the top 10 plants that must be kept in homes, plus it is very important for pet owners, especially cats, for its ability to absorb ammonia from the air, and this helps to get rid of unpleasant odors in the place of the box, which means you can put such and such a plant in a high place Out of reach of cats while providing plant needs.

I encountered problems with this plant before, which is that the pot had large holes in it, and this made it dry quickly, in addition to the fact that the one who sold it to me used to put clay soil and cover it from above with artificial soil, and this let it dry from below and from above, it turned out that it was still wet, and this is a problem I met a lot of people and they died and they stopped buying them; That is why you must make sure that the plant you are buying is good, and if you bought one and these problems appeared in it, try to change the largest amount of soil and change the pot, and adhere to the instructions with the rope method of irrigation in order to reduce the shock.


You like the soil to be wet all the time, not dry or soaked. I mean, irrigate the plant when 1 or 1 cm of the soil dries up, and in winter 2 cm. When the paper dries, it sleeps, and in this case, you can water it from below and do not cause it to water for more than 15-30 minutes. Excessive watering makes the leaves brown.


Fertilize it once a month. If the plant is fertilized excessively, the leaf tips will burn and brown spots may occur. Weak fertilization will make it not produce flowers and its growth will stop.


You can be raised in weak light, but preferably for a short period, but prefer bright light away from direct sun. Excessive light makes it fade, yellow, or burn. The light that is less than her needs makes her not produce roses.


It likes a temperature from 18 to 28 degrees Celsius.