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Dypsis lutescens

660 EGP


Areca palm, also known as the butterfly palm, because its fronds resemble a butterfly. This palm is excellent for filling
The corners of the house with its leaves tilted outward. They can be distinguished from other types of indoor palms
The Kentia or Al-Radhat palm, with its densely packed fronds, is stacked next to each other with a consistent line around the stems. Areca is considered one of the plants that purify the air, according to a study conducted by NASA in the eighties, as its popularity increased. Fifty plants were studied in terms of their ability to add moisture to the surrounding atmosphere, purify it, and ease of care, and Areca ranked first in all these criteria. In addition, it is not toxic to humans or pets. It reproduces by seeds or division, but it is difficult for the home breeder”


Do not be narrated until the upper surface of the soil dries, Continuous water moisture may cause root rot, which is moisture


Arica with multi -purpose fertilizer once a month except Smile in winter.


You need very bright lighting Without a sun directly


18 – 27 C