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Ocimum basilicum

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“The basil is a length of 30 cm to 90 cm and it has dense leaves similar to mint leaves and white or purple flowers,
The basil bears the salinity of the soil greatly, in addition to that it is a plant that needs to irrigate regularly and fertilize monthly, and it is one of the plants that are grown throughout the year,
It also needs pruning and cutting flowers continuously to grow well, and if it is not exposed to dehydration, it lives for a long time.”


It is narrated twice a week


“The appropriate amount of fast -acting compost can make the royal scent grow better based on the principle of using fertilizer fertilizers frequently. If fertilizer is shortened, the royal two will be short. During the prosperous growth period, organic fertilizer can be used once every two weeks. Watch its growth and keep its growth healthy.
During the spring and autumn, the roots, leg and leaves grow and the flower buds are differentiated. In the summer, the temperature is high and the water evaporation is fast. Liquid fertilizers should be used in small but frequently. In the winter the temperature is low and the plant grows slowly or until it stops growing, so fertilizer is generally no need.”


It needs sunlight (partial lighting)


10:35 C°