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Cordyline fruticosa

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Category: SKU: OPSh-04


The Cordialine Tango plant is known as the good luck plant. It is distinguished by its red green leaves. The word Cordell is of Greek origin and its meaning refers to the enlarged underground stems and roots. It is native to the western Pacific Ocean and extends from New Zealand through eastern Australia to Southeast Asia and Polynesia. The Cordialine Tango plant is an indoor and outdoor ornamental plant. It is a shade plant that can bloom outdoors with fragrant flowers that resemble cranberry granules.


It is preferable to water day after day in the summer, and once a week in the winter. In order to preserve its beauty and the luster of its leaves, irrigation is not from the top, but near the soil at the beginning of the stem. And do not water the Cordaline plant except when the surface of the soil is dry, and a well-drained agricultural soil is preferred.


It is recommended to fertilize the cordline to stimulate growth, and to maintain the beauty and color of its leaves. It is preferable to fertilize it once a month with a neutral NPK fertilizer.


shade plants.


This type of plant loves moderate climates ranging from 25°-20°C.