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pencil cactus

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features :

It is known as the “Mother of Milk Cactus” and is a succulent plant that sometimes forms a large tree reaching a height of 15 meters. The unique plant is multi-branched, with a legendary green stem that projects it. As for its flowers, they appear in the spring in the form of new clusters. Any scratch on this plant causes a milky sap to flow onto the skin, which is poisonous to both animals.

Irrigation :

The Umm cactus prefers drier environmental conditions, as it originates from arid environments. Water sparingly, allowing it to dry out between waterings. During the winter, reduce watering noticeably. Avoid saturation as the dough may mold

Composting :

“Mother milk cactus does not require large amounts of fertilizer for normal growth and development. In fact, very little fertilizer is required
Some species can thrive even in very poor soil, as long as this soil is well drained. Fertilizers should only be applied when plants begin to show symptoms of nutrient deficiency on the lower leaves. When the lower leaves turn yellow, it is time to add half-strength fertilizer to the soil. This will keep the plant nourished for several months. ”

Lighting :

The mother-of-pearl cactus should be exposed to the sun for at least 6 hours a day, preferably more. The actual minimum number of hours can vary depending on the intensity of sunlight and other environmental factors, but your mother-of-pearl cactus is unlikely to be exposed to too much sunlight. They are fine with up to 14 hours of sun per day.

Heat :

Temperature -20-40°C