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Olea europaea

Pot Size

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The olive tree is an evergreen tree that can live and produce
olives for more than a century. In some rare cases, olive trees have been reported to survive and produce buds as old as 1800 years. The tree reaches a height of 15-65 feet (5-20 metres). As it happens with most trees, the height of the tree is affected by the vitality and freshness or by the diversity of the plants, as well as the soil and climatic conditions, and the cultivation methods used. The trunk is cylindrical, smooth on young trees and bumpy with age, due to the appearance of lumps and bumps of varying sizes over time.


Olives are irrigated once a day for a short time, depending on the type of soil. It can also be irrigated 3 times a week with a relatively increased irrigation time. It can also be irrigated once a week, but this actually affects the growth and productivity of the tree.


4-7 kg of nitrogen-phosphorus-potassium fertilizer is added
11-15-15 per tree
Once or twice a year.
The most favorable period is during autumn and winter in unwatered trees.


Needs a lot of light.


The optimum temperature is 15-20°C
It should not be less than -7 degrees Celsius
It should not exceed 40 degrees Celsius.