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Macaroni sulfur – Fungicide – KZ 70%

218 EGP
Category: SKU: LP-14
  • Description
  1. Micronized sulfur is specially manufactured for spraying at a rate of 2.5 grams per liter of water.
    As for agricultural sulfur, it is not intended for spraying, and is not soluble or wet.
  2. It is added as fogging on the surface of the soil or plant leaves.
  3. Micronized sulfur acts as a preventive pesticide in addition to supplying sulfur to plants, while agricultural sulfur is considered a first class soil improver, as it helps in adjusting the soil pH, as it is a general disinfectant for it.
  4. Micronized sulfur has very small particles and is sold in small packets, unlike agricultural sulfur, which has large sizes over 10 microns and is sold in chips.
  5. Micronized sulfur has many uses, not to mention being a sulfur nutrient.
  • It has other uses and benefits:
  1. It is used as a preventative against fungal diseases.
  2. It is used as an insecticide because it kills mite eggs in their first incubation.
  3. It works to form an insulating scaly layer on the leaves of plants when sprayed on it.
  4. It is used in mixing with fungicides because of its efficiency in facilitating their absorption by plants,and adjusting the acidity of water.
  5. It is used in spraying in winter, as it works to warm the plant, so that the droplets of the solution formed from it act as a magnifying glass that collects the sun’s rays and focuses them on the plant, which gives it more heating and helps in the speedy ripening of the fruits.
  6. It is used as dry fogging during low temperatures to help kill fungal spores before
    they penetrate plant tissues.