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Rapator – Insecticide – 20% SG



468 EGP
Category: SKU: LF-3
  • Description

Water soluble granules (Dinotefuran 20%)
Rapator is an insecticide that affects insects through contact poisoning and intestinal poisoning, as it works shortly after “several hours” after contact with the pest to prevent feeding to insects, and thus completely stops causing damage to plants.
Features of the Rapator pesticide:

  1. It is easily absorbed by plants treated with it through the leaves and roots and spreads to the rest of the plant, causing the elimination of pests that attack it, Very low toxicity to mammals, birds, and aquatic organisms ,It is used safely on many field crops, vegetables, and fruits.
  2. It has a wide range in combating a wide range of insect pests such as sucking piercing insects such as (aphids – leafhoppers – plant bugs – mealybugs) and some Lepidoptera insects such as (fruit worms – leafhoppers) in addition to thrips, hoppers, and ants, Highly effective against whitefly strains that have acquired resistance to other pesticides.
  3. It has a great degree of stability on plants treated with it after rain.
  4. It has no toxic effects on plants treated with it according to the recommended dose.
  5. Works to protect crops treated with it for long periods of time from insects that attack them as a result of its residual effect, It has no effect on vital enemies.
    (It should be taken into account to avoid spraying during the period of bee activity during the flowering period)
  • The most important rates of use according to the Egyptian Ministry of Agriculture:
  1. Beans, potatoes, and mango 50 g / 100 liters of water.
  2. Tomatoes to combat “”Tuta absiluta”” 300-350 g / acre ,Citrus fruits 400 g / feddan.
  3. To control the white fly in tomatoes, cucurbits, peppers, and cotton at a rate of 125 g / 100 liters of water.
  • Pre-harvest period: PHI
  1. Municipal beans 2 days , Tomatoes 1 day.