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Cassia glauca – 70 cm – Yellow flower




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Category: SKU: OPT-05


The acacia tree is a relatively small flowering tree. The flowers are of a very bright yellow color, and the leaves are compound green in color
Flowers often occur throughout the year, but are stronger in spring, summer and autumn, and butterflies are strongly attracted to this tree.
The tree reaches a height of 7 meters and is fast growing and multiplies by seeds and transplanting seedlings.


Watering weekly for acacias and keeping the soil moist to 1/2 inch.


Fertilize both cassias with a high-quality, granular, all-purpose fertilizer in the spring, summer, and fall.


Cassia prefers a sunny location so that the soil can drain well, and partial shade is acceptable, but not ideal.


18 – 30°C.