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Strelitzia reginae

Pot Size



360 EGP
Category: SKU: OPS-3


The bird of paradise plant has a special beauty, its orange flowers are nothing
From the redness and the entry of the blue color between these colors with the rising of the top makes this plant
Characteristic to show the creator’s creativity. It is the queen of indoor plants for plant lovers. Its leaves are so glossy and banana-like that some people confuse it with a banana. Its scientific name is Strelitzia reginae, and its common name is the bird of paradise. It is a South African plant. There are natural cracks in its leaves that allow air to pass through so that the wind does not uproot them in their natural environment. It is a poisonous plant, so it is advised to keep it away from children and pets. It can be propagated by division as well as by seeds.


“Keep the soil consistently moist all year long. You don’t want it to be waterlogged,
But you can expect them to need watering daily in the spring and summer because they lose moisture through their large leaves
The plant prefers high humidity and you may want to keep a spray bottle on hand to mist it if your house is dry if you overwater,
The plant will develop crunchy brown leaves. If the water is submerged, the leaves furthest from the center will turn yellow.


Feed in the spring with a slow-release granule or
weekly during the growing season with a liquid fertilizer.
This plant is a heavy feeder.”


This plant needs bright light.
Including some direct sunlight, so that it blooms well. However it requires protection from direct midday sunlight, which can burn the leaves of young plants.A suitable place is a room with windows facing east or west. Avoid rooms with windows facing north only.