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Pruns persica




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Category: SKU: OPFt -01


deciduous peach tree,
Its leaves are lanceolate, oblong, finely toothed.
Peach leaves have a distinctive smell when rubbed


Peach trees need brackish water to give a good crop
The yield and the size of the fruits also decrease when the irrigation water is lacking throughout the year, just as the lack of water in July and August affects the formation of flowering buds in sufficient numbers.


Organic fertilizers are placed
and chemicals in October and November


It tolerates direct sunlight


High temperatures in the post-decade period and fruit growth negatively affect the yield and the characteristics of the fruits.
In addition, the increase in atmospheric humidity during this period helps to increase the spread of fungal diseases,

especially fungal diseases
Whiteness that causes a deterioration in the commercial qualities of  the fruits. Therefore,

the temperature must be maintained moderate