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Kalanchoe Daigremontiana

Pot Size



60 EGP
Category: SKU: OPG-4


The Kalanchoe is a beautiful plant classified as succulents with very fleshy leaves
Evergreen produces flowers in the form of groups at the top of its branches. Its leaves are compound opposite, differ in size and shape from one type to another, and most of them produce sepals at its base. Kalanchoe are plants that tolerate thirst and heat. What distinguishes Kalanchoe is the length of the flowering period. The plant starts flowering again.”


The fact that the plant is one of the plane, it needs water in small quantities and narrates
When the soil dries and reduces the amounts of irrigation in the winter


Cleancho is a plant that loves heat and light and can grow under the sunlight
The gentle, but it is preferable to place it in semi -shadow.


The surrounding temperature should not be less than 5 degrees.