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Pot Size

210 EGP
Category: SKU: IPO-6

features :

It is a fast-growing climbing plant, and what distinguishes it is the change in the shape of the leaves with the change of age
The varieties differ according to the color of the paper, where the colors are mixed between yellow and white tinged with some greenery, and it may be white or yellow
The length of the syngonium may reach two meters if it is provided with the appropriate support.

Irrigation :

It is only irrigated after the soil is dry, and it is preferable to spray its leaves with water spray
From time to time it is moisture.

Composting :

The plant is bored twice a month except for the winter season,
It is a moisture -loving plant, so it is placed on a tray of wet stones
It is sprayed regularly with water spray, especially during the summer, and it is advisable to change the pots every two years and during the spring.

Lighting :

You need a medium light to the bright filter like
Window light or industrial lighting inside the room.

Heat :

21 – 32 ° C