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Chamaedorea elegans

Pot Size


1,440 EGP
التصنيف: رمز المنتج: OPP-08


The chamidoria palm tree is also called the parlor or salon palm tree because the best suitable place for it is the living room because of its elegance and the height of its fronds to the top.
It is characterized by ease of cultivation.


It is irrigated abundantly in the summer, and irrigation is reduced in the winter. In the event of yellowing of the leaves, this is an indication of an increase or lack of irrigation.


Fertilize regularly, once a month, from spring to fall, and the fertilizer is diluted from the normal dose.


Loving bright filtered light because direct sunlight causes yellowing of the tips of its leaves.


18-25 °C


لا توجد مراجعات بعد.

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