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Aloe maculata

Pot Size



48 EGP
Category: SKU: IPC-6

features :

“This small plant reaches a height of up to 30 cm and up to one meter, with rose-shaped leaves, bluish-green in colour, and in direct sun exposure, and gets a good result, as they are very thick and wide.

It is about 20 cm long. It has spines on its margins. Vegetative terminal flower, growing in flowers, branched, crystal-coloured and red. It blooms every season until winter begins. Her plan is short.”

Irrigation :

It should be watered moderately, although these plants have great resistance to the dry season. However, you should increase your watering frequency slightly during the summer, and always wait for the soil to dry before adding water again.

Composting :

Fertilize once a month during growth and flowering periods

Lighting :

Fully sunny, partial sun

Heat :

15-35 ℃