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Echinocactus grusonii



1,440 EGP

features :

A cactus (Aunt Al-Qadi) with a spherical shape and golden thorns makes your home garden more decorative
It is an elegant and eye-catching plant, and it is a flowering species with a lifespan of 20 years.

Irrigation :

During the growth period, watering is
At least once a week.

Composting :

Aloe vera fertilizer every 8 weeks with low hydrogen fertilizer, 1 tablespoon
From fertilizer in a gallon of water by 5-10-10 and watering the aloe vera well.

Lighting :

Suitable for bright sunny places
You need 4 hours of direct sunlight daily
4 feet away from a window facing the south or east.

Heat :

18-32 ° C